How to Wear a Swiss Watch: on the Right or the Left Hand?

Swiss watch is a permanent asset. Luxurious, performing, durable and elegant, it is just perfect and owning one is the main dream of all men, and even women. Now the question is how to wear it correctly? Between practicality, comfort, aesthetics and tradition, choosing which wrist to wear a luxury watch on is sometimes much more complicated than you may think. We hope these following tips will help you decide.

Why Wear a Swiss Watch on the left Wrist?

As many other people, you may think that the most common rule is not to wear your Swiss luxury watch on your left hand. But it is not the case, the real rule is to wear it on the wrist which is opposite your writing hand. In other words, on the left hand for right-handers and on the right hand for left-handers. Why? So that you are able to manipulate your luxury watch using your dominant hand. As a matter of fact, if you are right-handed, for example, attaching the strap buckle or setting the time with your left hand is not an easy task! On the other hand, it is to free the hand you for writing, an imposing watch that can interfere with rubbing on paper. By the way, some people say that wearing your watch on the non-dominant side protects it from many shocks and risks to which the hand that works the most is exposed all the time.

Should You Follow the Precedent Rule when Wearing your Swiss Watch?

The answer is no! You can, but you do not have to. To choose which side to wear your watch on, just test! In general, affordable Swiss watches are resistant and robust, you can then wear it on the wrist you want. The choice must be spontaneous. If there is no discomfort, you can choose the non-dominant hand and wear it for at least a day. Follow your usual work-to-home schedule: some jobs may present barriers to wearing a watch with your left or right hand. If you still do not know on which wrist you should put your Swiss watch, repeat the operation the next day, testing the wrist. In desperation, if neither comfort nor practice seems to decide, explore the aesthetic aspect. If you’re used to wearing bracelets or rings on one side or the other, adding a watch can get in the way… or spoil your look by overloading it.