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 Shown to your right is the winning design for HARMONY's Chinese Unity Button contest. The designer, Thomas Leong of NYU, will be awarded tickets to WHITE WINTER HOLIDAY.

The button's slogan was supplied by HARMONY and 1s meant to be a social comment of the Asian-Americans and also challenge to the members of the com¬munity to help bet¬ter...03/22/2014

from NYC student publication, Harmony, 1970               




from NYC student publication, Harmony, 1970

Be Useful to Society...to the Chinese Community

from NYC student publication, Harmony, 1970

The distinguished Dr. Calvin Lee, President of Boston University, added a new dimension to the topic of Chinese identity on October 21, 1970 when he spoke to a group of City College students who visited Massachusetts (story in WOW, the Writing on the Wall, under Campus News-CCNY).


It's Many Chinese Communities Not One Chinese Community

from NYC student publication, Harmony, 1970

Harmony Student Zine 1970
Harmony zine Nov 1970, a pulbication of Chinese Student Council New York City
Vol. II Issue V
Why an Asian American Reality Conference?

from the NY student publication Harmony 1970

America sees its Asian population as being the exotic representative of the quiet, hardworking, diligent Asian countries we studied in elementary school. We have no crime, no unemployment, no broken families, no social problems. We'll go through school and become businessmen, physicists,...12/02/2013

Fight for the day to day interests of the masses in a revolutionary way

 from Getting Together Newspaper April, 1977

In past articles in Getting Together we have put forth our view that only socialist revolution can solve the basic problems of this society.

A very important part of the revolutionary struggle is the fight to improve the immediate conditions of the masses. In the U.S. today, the masses of...


From N.Y. Asian Coalition Newsletter vol. 1 no. 2 Sept ’72 (typos as in original text) 

Early History of A.A.A.: Birth of A Movement in New York City
From N.Y. Asian Coalition Newsletter vol. 1 no. 2 Sept ’72 (misspellings as in original text)
Asian Americans for Action was born on a park bench during lunch hours of two Nisei women, close friends of a long standing who shared common interests and beliefs. And as they munched on homemade sandwiches, relaxing in the sunlight amid...05/17/2013

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